lizmcdeath asked: "so I was looking at some of those pictures from the Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces premiere, which caused me to go to IMDB to see what all the actors looks like now, which caused me to discover that Benjamin Horne was Tony in West Side Story. mind blown."

this is why i love a) the internet and b) my followers.

when you’re a jet, you’re a jet all the way.

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snafflebithumptywink asked: "I don't have a specific scene in mind, but I feel like we all need more Denise Bryson in our lives. Care to oblige? Thanks! :)"

i feel that way all the time.

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this is important and more people need to understand this

adventures-first-tea-later asked: "one more request--S2E10, norma and her mother in the double R. "maybe i am overreacting, but the hurt is my hurt," something like that i think? please and thanks."

How serendipitous, I just saw that come across my dash

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Anonymous asked: "heyyy do you have something from s1e7 of coop telling audrey that he'll go downstairs and get two malts and fries and for her to tell him all her troubles pleases thankyous"

of course because it is THE DREAM

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